Our rice

“I’d like to stress that the rice we process, package and market is always and only the same rice that we grow and harvest, and this enables us to guarantee its genuine nature and quality.”

I’ve chosen to produce just three of the many species of rice enriching the Italian rice heritage – Baldo, Carnaroli and Apollo. Here’s why:

  • the original (or ‘classic’) Baldo (depending on the law), is a rice with good genealogy (from types of rice of great tradition) with great potential that I believe in and want to present and get people to like; anyone who tries Baldo, especially the Reserve, never leaves it;
  • Carnaroli (classic) is a well-established variety which I think we should have among our rice as it is very much in demand with professional cooks and consumers in general;
  • Apollo is one of the Italian aromatic varieties with the most intense perfume, it cooks quickly, stays firm after cooking and can be used in lots of combinations – the brown version is a valid alternative for light dishes compared to the pigmented aromatic varieties greatly in demand.

Please bear in mind that, at the end of 2018, we’ll introduce a fourth, small and round, rice – the historic Balilla, ideal for soups and desserts.