Apollo Rice

“Apollo is one of the types of Italian aromatic rice with the most intense perfume. It cooks quickly, stays firm after cooking and can be used in many combinations. As brown rice, it is a valid alternative for light dishes compared to the pigmented aromatic types of rice much in demand.”

Two worlds in a grain.
Apollo aromatic rice comes from a cross between a naturally aromatic Asian rice and an Italian rice. It was obtained without GMOs after a long period of natural selection conducted by the Centro Ricerche SA.PI.SE. (SA.PI.SE. Research Centre) of Vercelli. Apollo is the Italian alternative to the exotic aromatic rice types Basmati and Jasmine.

The intense aroma of Apollo rice, typical of newly-baked bread, also has a trace of nuts and white flowers with a slightly spicy note.
Apollo has elongated grains and is ideal for pilaf and steamed rice; it stays al dente without breaking up due to the good amylose content. It can also be boiled and tossed in the frying pan with vegetables, meat, fish and cheese.

It is very quick and easy to prepare, cooking in 11-13 minutes.

Brown Apollo rice has an aroma enriched by notes of hay and straw released by the bran pericarp covering the grains.