Carnaroli Rice

“Carnaroli (classic) is a well-established variety which I think we should have among our rice as it is very much in demand with professional cooks and consumers in general.”

Carnaroli rice, grown in the Novara, Vercelli and Pavia areas, was created in 1945 by crossing the Vialone and Lencino varieties, the work of the Lombard rice grower Angelo De Vecchi. The name is reported to come from one of his staff, a certain Carnaroli. Apparently, he was disheartened by the lack of success in growing and, one day, said to Mr De Vecchi, “Dutür, se fèm?” (What shall we do, boss?). The rice grower answered, “We’ll carry on and if we find the quality that I want, I’ll give that rice your name.”

Carnaroli has inherited good firmness after cooking from the Vialone variety while the large size of the grains comes from Lencino rice, which is ideal for recipes with a great visual impact. Just as for Baldo and the other types of rise traditionally used in recipes, other varieties in the same commodity class, but genetically different and not of the same culinary quality, can be marketed under the name Carnaroli.

Our Carnaroli Rice is 100% obtained from seed of the original variety certified by ENSE (Ente Nazionale Sementi Eletti – the National Elite Seed Agency).

Carnaroli rice grains are large and tapering, they absorb seasoning easily and integrate ingredients perfectly. The high amylose content (up to 24% dry matter) gives Carnaroli low viscosity, the grains stay well separate and maintain al dente consistency without overcooking. Carnaroli rice is ideal for the preparation of recipes, salads and baked dishes. It cooks in 12-14 minutes.