Other products

Rice, a generous product.

Many products can be obtained from processing rice:

Rice starch: this has two uses – when bought in powder form and dissolved in water it is refreshing, excellent for irritated skin; when mixed with other materials, it is used by factories to produce glues and paints.

Rice flour: particularly suitable in gluten intolerance (gluten, not found in rice, is an element in wheat, rye and barley). Bread, polenta, gnocchi and also pasta and sweet and savoury flans can be prepared using rice flour.

Rice pasta, prepared exclusively with rice flour, is gluten-free and can also be eaten by coeliacs (people allergic to gluten).

Middlings: obtained from rice flour waste, it is used as animal feed.

Rice milk: derived from the processing of brown rice. This is a very sweet, good drink that can be used to prepare excellent biscuits, cakes and delicious creams.

Rice oil: obtained by pressing the germ or embryo and used for cooking.

Rice straw: the dried rice plant is used with the chaff in both the preparation of fuel and bedding for animals. It is also used for the manufacture of hats and shoes in some Asian countries. High quality rice paper, particularly thin but also very resistant, is also obtained from rice straw. Rice straw is a good, long-lasting insulator with interesting applications in the building sector.

Rice powder: can be used as a cosmetic instead of powder and is more delicate and refreshing than the latter.

In addition to rice, the Azienda Agricola Giovanni Testa also offers a small selection of rice-based foodstuffs:
• preparations for risottos: asparagus, artichoke, porcini mushroom, Milanese and radicchio – other flavours are available on request;
• sweet rice biscuits;
• chocolate and vanilla rice mousse – other flavours are available on request.