My family

Famiglia Testa

“Our story started in 1997 when my father Mario Testa, a pharmacist from Turin with nostalgia for the countryside where he’d grown up, decided to buy Cascina Grampa and cultivate the paddy fields, which had been rented to local rice growers since the 1930s, himself.

In the meantime, I, Giovanni, had just graduated in construction engineering and was attracted by the idea of an unknown world. I started to work alongside my father, progressively discovering the rich heritage of history, technology and peasant tradition encapsulated in Cascina Grampa. I became more and more enthusiastic about rice growing until it became my main work and now I’m only an engineer when it’s compatible with the needs of the countryside.

Today, my wife Elisabetta, my mother Anna Maria and I are even more passionate about Cascina Grampa, and run our farm growing, processing and marketing our biggest asset – rice.

My free time, if it can be called that, is spent with our four daughters to whom I’m committed to teaching the values of country life and the importance of a simple, healthy life.”